Sunday, 13 May 2012

2: PEN Y CYMOEDD WINDMILL PLANTATION - 'A Welsh Niger Delta': PROTEST LETTERS TO THE PRESS FROM ANTI - WINDMILL CAMPAIGNERS BUT NOT A WORD OUT OF PLAID 'rainbow republican' CYMRU - Not Even From Those Members Who Say They Oppose The Windmilling of Wales By Global Corporate Capitalist Gangsters. WHY NOT AFRAID OF UPSETTING LEANNE OR JUST LOST YOUR VOICES?

                       Dear Editor,

                          Congratulations to "Only Boys Aloud" on gaining an excellent third place in television's "Britain's Got Talent". I wish them all well in the future  !!  I see that the choir members come from as far afield as the Gwent Valleys  and Carmarthenshire, Aberdare to Pontypridd.... in fact, mainly from all over the Valleys !!   Well done boys !!  You've done yourselves......the Valleys ....and all of Wales ....extremely proud !!   Choir master Tim 
Rhys-Evans deserves our grateful thanks. He is doing fantastic work for 
and its cultural standing world-wide !  Let's hope 
that  "Only Boys Aloud " sell tens of  thousands of records allied to Tim's 
other excellent choirs, " Only Men Aloud " and "Only Kids Aloud".


  However, one discordant note of caution !  The future , very unmusical,  cacophony that will emanate  from  the massive Pen y Cymoedd wind farm , whose 475 ft wind turbines are proposed  from Aberdare to Neath could affect choral rehearsals  and recordings 
right across the Valleys. The famous Treorchy Male Voice Choir are in a 
particularly vulnerable spot ....with gi gantic "thundering" monsters , 
almost as tall as  
Blackpool Tower ,surrounding the village on three 
sides.  I'm afraid that Treorchy will almost vibrate with deep , incessant 
thumping  noises  at times !! As will Glyncorrwg and Treherbert. The wind turbines in your photograph look like the tiny 150 ft high ones above Gilfach Goch.  The 76 monsters of Pen y Cymoedd will all be treble the height , treble the width  and treble the girth  of those little machines, which are only as big as Nelson's Column. Each new TAN 8 wind turbine across the Valleys will only be 45 feet short of the height of Blackpool Tower, and  easily  visible from Exmoor !!                             If Pen y Cymoedd is allowed to go ahead , I'm afraid  that the future dominant  "sound of the Valleys"  could unfortunately become   "Only Turbines Aloud " !!

                           Yours faithfully,

                            L J Jenkins,





Dear Editor


The proponents of wind technology claim that one of the attributes of wind farms in the UK is the saving in atmospheric emissions. This is utter nonsense, and leaving aside that the UK contributes only about 2% of global emissions, the trite claim is easily rubbished by the indisputable fact that wind farms need 90% backup by fossil-fuelled power stations. To put things into further perspective, and adding further salt to the wound, all of the blades of the current largest onshore wind farm in Wales, namely, Cefn Croes, have had their blades replaced at least once - Cefn Croes wind farm is situated in Mid-Wales, was constructed in 2003 and comprises over 30 wind generators - thus apart from the cost of replacing these components, this maintenance requirement necessitated transportation from Eastern Europe, which begs the question of how much exhaust gas and particulates were emitted to the atmosphere in transporting these new blades? Now I doubt very much that the Welsh Government have quantified not only the emissions, but also the initial capital and on-going costs for Cefn Croes, or indeed, for any other wind farm in Wales when attempting to justify the case for ineffective, unreliable, countryside destroying, health threatening, landowner and foreign country profiteering costly wind generation?

Unbelievably the latest mindless development (to be the largest onshore wind farm in Wales and England) is the go-ahead for the £365m Pen y Cymoedd development between Neath & Aberdare in South Wales. The Swedish based Vattenfall say the 76 wind generators, each 145m tall, will have an installed capacity of 299MW, enough to power 206,000 homes – indeed, the UK Energy Minister claims it would generate vasts amount of home-grown electricity! Well, what a load of old rubbish, and you have to wonder what planet the Energy Minister is living on with his nonsensical claim – in simple terms, when the wind doesn’t blow, not one watt of power will be forthcoming...but not only that, Wales already generates more power than it needs and exports to England – when it comes to Westminster and the Welsh Assembly you truly have to wonder - is anybody listening out there?

Dave Haskell
Golygfa Frenni Fawr
Newchapel Road
SA37 0JL
Tel: 01239 841635


I wonder if the Swedish state would have been interested without the ROCs?

 Vattenfall Group’s parent company, Vattenfall AB, is a Swedish public limited liability company with registered office in Stockholm.
  • Net sales: SEK 181.0 billion = £16.4 billion
  • Operating profit: SEK 23.2 billion = £2.1 billion
  • Underlying operating profit: SEK 30.8 billion £2.8 billion
  • Electricity generation: 166.7 TWh
  • External sales of electricity: 209.4[1] TWh
  • Total number of employees, as of 31 December: 34,685
The vision of the company is to “create a strong and diversified European energy portfolio with sustainable and increased profits, significant growth options and will be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable energy production.”  Furthermore, Vattenfall says that the “UK is a market for future growth and we have strong ambitions for both offshore and onshore wind power.”  Bet it is with £38.69 for each MW squeezed out of these 76 mega turbines.   The current First Minister of Wales will be happy since Vattenfall has promised the Wales economy a boost with DECC approval.