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15 Sep 2012 ... A wind turbine blade crossing the Mynydd y Betws stone alignment on 12th
September 2012. - 119k - Similar pages

16 Sep 2012 ... Turbine blade being transported through the rich archaeological landscape on
Mynydd y - 118k - Similar pages

Looks as if deliveries are well ahead of original sheduale? last delivery is down for Hydref 18 but do check regularly.

Located on common land to the east of Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, Mynydd
y Betws Wind Farm was granted planning consent in 2009. map. The wind farm ... - 4k - Similar pages

So, who will make an effort to organise one last attempt at a major protest on the 18th, I cannot will still in Penkaet until end of the Month and Sian is very busy with film work etc plus needs a break. How about PAW or/and someone local taking responsibility for the fianal protest? Don't tell me that if Sian and I do not no one else will left a finger? What hope any Struggle for Welsh Freedom, if that is the case? Would be more than a bit pathetic to say the least! But Welsh Mam fights back!

22 Sep 2012 ... Swansea Valley mum blasts delays as turbine delivery affects school run ... be named said huge lorries heading towards Mynydd y Betws Wind ... - 82k - Similar pages

19 Sep 2012... huge lorries carried wind turbines towards the Mynydd y Betws windfarm ... “
Deliveries will avoid peak traffic hours and arrive on site during ... - 64k - Similar pages

Material From Myrone

Many thanks indeed to Gethin ap Gruffudd and Sia^n Ifan for all their efforts! Wind turbines are already dead, it is only a matter of time before they are demolished and the mindless and greed-ridden forgotten. They can be easily dismantled, and their bases and access roads easily reduced by hydro technology. Peat mixed with soil will restore the beauty of the countryside. Natur eis proud, nature is resilient. Humankind is weak and transient. Coal mining families and communities will remember the landscape covered with slag mountains of millions of tons of coal waste. These were all removed very quickly after Aberfan.  It took a terrible tragedy like that to bring people to their senses. The people who ruined the landscapes will vanish into the rubble of history. They are small and contemptible and will be forgotten. The great heroes of the past are remembered forever.       

Google "Wind turbine subsidy cuts" to read about this war between two types of power generation that I have always criticised sharply, conventional nuclear fission and wind. I am strongly in favour of low energy nuclear reactions and of course all types of spacetime energy devices ( Coal and gas should be interim solutions. The wind turbine multi nationals are cutting back jobs sharply as the economics of their madness begins to clear their heads. The only real answer in Wales is coal, with imported gas. The new coal industry would not simply burn coal, it would make many commodities out of it, and be very safe. No more killing fields. The politicians in Wales who supported wind turbines must be voted out in droves in a cross party anti turbine platform. Labour and Plaid Cymru must again become the parties of Wales, as they always have been. I have never seen such as governmental mess as in the last decade. So anti turbine politicians will be voted in once they set up their platforms and election manifestos.  
The turbine demolition industry will be a good source of jobs. Very soon many of the mountains of Wales will be covered with useless wreckage, destroyed ecology and decaying power lines, they can already be seen in California and Nevada. I think that the best way to demolish them is to blow them up at the base, with rigorous safety precautions, then cut them up for scrap. The concrete bases and roads will have essentially destroyed the ecology completely. They can be removed by hydro technology but may have to be covered with top soil and left. They will have detsroyed acres of peat that has been there since ancient times. This will be a repeat of the removal of coal tips after Aberfan, when millions of tons of coalwaste were removed. The companies and individuals responsible should be obliged by future legislation to cover all the costs personally. They should face long prison sentences for environmental damage under new legislation. Aberfan was manslaughter, so the Coal Board should have been put on trial, but got away with it. The Chairman Robbens refused to turn up at Aberfan. Similarly for wind turbines: ecoslaughter. The severe threat to democracy must be countered by urgent lobbying to build a cross party anti turbine platform and constant disruptive strike action and work to rule. This anti turbine platform is already emerging rapidly. Most politicians responsible for turbines will be removed summarily at the polls. There is an excellent site listing the many problems of wind turbines:
Some of the many fatal weaknesses are as follows:
1) Wind cannot replace conventional power generation.

2) Wind is consatntly unrelaiable, so power infrastructure must continue to be built as if wind does not exist, a complete madness brought about by cynical corruption and total contempt of democracy.

3) Wind does not provide capacity or power performance, it can only supply electricity to the grid, in other words it cannot store electricity.

4) Wind has zero capacity value because it is constantly unreliable.

5) Even if all elecrticity were produced by wind it would not remove dependence on imported oil.

6) Wind is a catastrophically inefficient and expensive source of power, and ruins economies.

7) There are 100,000 turbines in the world, and no evidence for any reduction of CO2, because wind produces more CO2 than it saves. CO2 is now known not to produce global warming, and there is no global warming (hundreds of websites of reliaable and reputably gathered data prove this).

8) Traditional power plants cannot be replaced by turbines, this is common knowledge.

9) Turbines casue serious erosion of fragile ecosystems, and cause mass slaughter of rare wildlife

10) Their construction violates many human rights laws, environemntal and conservation laws are treated with total contempt.  

11) They violate human rights health laws, and cause sleep disturbance, headache, tinnitus, ear pressure, dizziness, vertigo, naiusea, blurring of vision, rapid heart rate that may lead to heart attacks. This is manslaughter, a criminal offence punishable by long prison sentences for executives.
With industry like this, who needs the stone age?

I anticipated this mindless fiasco almost two decades ago (hundreds of messages on this blog archive). Wind is consatntly unreliable and must be backed up with conventional power stations. In my view, fat and bloated and wordy and windy executives should be made to pay personally for the terrible environmental damage they are causing: in monetary terms, and in lawful terms. All details in this blog archive. The primitive greed for subsidies will be brought to an end soon as they are phased out, so in Wales, its most beautiful landscape will be a junkyard full of rotting scrap adn tangled electricity lines - like tractors in the dust bowl of the Great Depression - but a hundred times more ugly. There are tens of thousands of rusting and abandoned turbines already in California and Nevada. Off shore the fury of the oceans will break them loose and they will be a hazard to shipping. The only thing that will save the population from freezing is the fact that back up gas fired stations can be used full time.    

I have heard from a reliable source today that the Post Office has just been flooded by turbine propaganda about the assault on Mynydd y Gwair, whcih will be met by permanent resistance in one form or another until the turbines, if built, are abandoned from lack of money and inefficiency  I asked the Post Office workers to think about refusing to distribute them and to refuse to distribute any further wind turbine propaganda. My advice as always to the twenty Mynydd y Gwair opposition groups is to use all possible planning opposition procedures and also to file an injunction on the basis of the Hemsby High Court ruling - a 95% local opposition cannot be over ruled by any Minister following the Hemsby precedent. Press for teh application to be assessed as if it were a new application. Press the Swansea Council to reject it vehemently.  All twenty groups combined will be able to cover any legal costs. There is almost complete local opposition to Mynydd y Gwair, polled at 95% against, and it would be nice to make a symbolic bonfire of the propaganda on the mountainside. The electricians' union could refuse to work on any turbine site in Wales, tha construction workers and transport unions and so forth. The twenty opposition groups of Mynydd y Gwair could also help to file an injunction to have Betws demolished, and that site could also be boycotted permanently in what would be effectively a general strike against all turbine sites by all unions. An anti turbbine fund can be initated for the whole of Wales and an anti turbine platform constructed within Labour and Plaid Cymru. I had a long talk with the police today, and they agreed that peaceful protest is lawful, as long as nothing illegal is done. The construction of turbines in Wales is often wholly illegal. The Labour Party must be lobbied very intensively to make clear to them the depth of extreme anger against turbines. Make it clear to your A. M.'s, M. P.'s and Councillors. I made it perfectly clear to Dr David Lloyd when he was an A. M. and visited me here. Most people want the tory and liberal democratic parties to disappear at the next elections, and are counting the minutes to the polls. However, they could make them go away permanently by introducing and using the electronic referendum. A local referendum would be overwhelmingly aginst Mynydd y Gwair - and THAT is democracy.. The Swansea City and County Councillors are against by about forty to one, the M. P.'s are against, local councils, town councils, environmental groups, and so on. There has never been such agreement on an issue - cross party agreement. So there should be local referenda about wind turbines, and a moratorium about on shore wind turbine construction.  

Sept. 27, 2012

Country struggles to keep a necessary amount of electricity on the power grid with wind, now in the process of building 16 new coal-fired and 15 new gas-fired power stations by 2020.

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Unfortunately this blog and thus 'Stryveland Cymru'comes to an end on 31 Hydref 2012. I thereafter just do not have the time, money or capacity to sustain an Homeland Defence as would be required on a National Defense basis. For starters both Sian and I are quite whacked out with our Anti - Windmill Campaigning over the last five years plus, running around the country carrying out ground research and protest actions. On top of which there is all the film and photo editing and with it blogging, sorting out incoming material and emails, we now have to call it a day so we can return to our shelved archiving, book and film production and much more as a personal and family life. Hopefully, others will rush to fill our shoes and carry on where we have left off, possibly PAW, BC or whatever and whomsoever is up for some action, not least need some younger guys and gals, most of whom appear to do little but spend their time on a fb fantasy Island wasting time playing with their 'Blackberries' or whatever they feel is painfully unpurposeful?