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There is no Turbines Movement on Monday  First one will be on TUESDAY 11 Medi 2012 and then continuous almost every day up to 31 October, first the blades, then the Turbine Towers.

 Note: Go on to below link and if clicking in to the Turbine Delivery section you will find that you can download a full delivery Schedule. Note deliveries will be twice a day - at 9am and 1pm. So what to do See suggestions below:
Located on common land to the east of Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, Mynydd
y Betws Wind Farm was granted planning consent in 2009. map. The wind farm ...

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What to do, I suggest:

1: If living local, spend Sunday going over delivery route, sussing out good protest points and attend the Publicity Statement Gathering, see 4 below.

2: Whoever can  spend Sunday and Monday putting up Posters and Banners at Swansea docks where Turbines are off-loading and starting out from enroute to Mynydd y Betws. Note: plenty of wire fences from there to WMP site entrance upon which to hang such and this needs to be a continuous action for the duration. Lets make the Fences at Swansea Docks our FRONTLINE FENCE OF WELSH DISCONTENT or maybe of Radical Resurgent Welsh Resistance. We need to make this whole route as well postered up as in Powys at various locations as this will not only publicise our opposition but contribute to winning over the local population who as of yet are not really fully aware of what is going on and how it effects us Nationally and they locally with Traffic Jams and Road Damage etc and along with Police involvement they will have to pay for via the rates, see link below:

3: TUESDAY 11 MEDI 2012 at 9:00am and 1:00pm A Picket Protest, by that I mean as many patriots as possible be down docks as from 9:00am to 1:00pm to protest and observe Turbine Transporting.  Then a token picket left there for most of time as protesters are needed to follow the transports and, in particular, be in position to protest at the Pontardawe turn off (see Map Pinch Points) to Gwuan Cae Gurwen and at Mynydd y Betws Site entrance and, if possible, on the Mountain. Lets just do the best we can and keep it up as best we can for the eight weeks on a rota basis maybe, that requires some organisation so we must see PAW come into existence as Siân and I really are not in position to remain effectively on top of this. Will discuss this on Sunday.
4: As for a rally Sunday 9 Medi, well I suggest we make this a kind of 'Public Statement Gathering' to announce opposition and Resistance, I do not expect anyone to travel a long distance to this event;  more important to save yourselves for the below. However, those who live local enough, please make the effort to attend. Suggest we meet up at McDonald's  at Docks area at 2:00pm have something to drink or eat there so we can park there then and have a discussion as what to do, who will speak or whatever? Then proceed to entrance of dock to make a statement and speeches followed by the placing up of posters. That should make a point and look good enough as we are not calling for a mass rally. That could be for next Sunday 16 Medi 'Dydd Glyndwr' See below:

5: As for a National Protest Rally, why not on Sunday 16 Medi at 2:00pm in Pontardawe?  This, of course,would be a Glyndŵr Day Rally of Resistance, so quite apt. Shall we go for that big time? If so,  maybe this Sunday we could appoint some Rally Organisers to handle various tasks required as general Organisation and Publicity and whatever to make of it a success. If we had the time, and there existed an organising committee, we could have rounded this rally off with a March through the town but that will not be possible but, we could do a walk around to the 'Pinch Points' to put up more posters, placards and banners. If you have any suggestions please let me know Also, let me know if you can help or maybe speak at the Rally.

6: What then? We can discuss this both Sundays but at the moment, best we can do for the eight weeks isas I have suggested, constant 'Autonomous' good old 'Hit and Run' Poster Attacks - all and everywhere -from Docks to Mountains. This protest is going to really test Patriotic resolve, commitment and courage as well as strength and stamina for the duration! If all Anti - Windmill Opposition now unites - and they should -as Swansea Docks is the FRONTLINE, then they will put aside differences and unite in a show of Solidarity of Struggle; a National Resurgent Resistance against the Renewables Robber Barons as it is the only way, and I repeat, the only way we can possibly win against great odds. So do it!

Some Inspiration From our History:

When the Normans invaded Southern Wales first from the East, they were able to exploit Welsh Disunity and Divisions and using this and the Norman 'Terror' (brutal scumbags) they were able to roll across the Southern Lowlands with their ''Twelve Knights'' but at Afan Nedd and Kilvey/Bonymaen they were brought to a full stop by Welsh Resistance largely led by the Brothers Morgan and Maredudd ap Caradog ap Iestyn, the former from his base at Hen Castell, Briton Ferry and the latter from his base at Castell Nos, Maerdy. These two brothers were to gallantly lead Welsh Resistance across the South in effort to roll back the Normans, this Native Resistance gradually fell back to Blaenau Morgannwg in main centred around Y Rhondda where today a so called 'Nationalist' leader of Plaid Cynru is selling out our Silurian Homeland of 'Coed Morgannwg' to the Windmill Masters ' 'New Conquistadors' of Penycymoedd Windmill Plantation.It really is time many Nationalists and not least Plaid Cymru members took a long walk back into their past which they now so easly put aside and want to forget. The Normans were only to take Cantref Gwyr (Gower) by a Seaward Invasion but whilst taking the South of the Cantref, both the Princes of Deheubarth and Gwynedd helped the Welsh of Gwyr to hold back the Normans from further encroachment to the North, being further set back on their heels at Brwydr Llwchwr 1 Ionawr 1136 but finally beaten back by the 'Stryveland Struggle'. What had finally held up Norman landward advance upon Gwyr from the East was the stubborn resistance of the Welsh Lords of Ynys Tawe and Aberpergwm to the North also by a Welsh Chief of Bonymaen (see Kilvey Hill) , who was later tricked by the Normans to a meeting. seized and incarcerated in Swansea Castle, there he was tortured until he signed over his land. Sure we always get tricked, as for the torture well, that is self inflicted!

Kilvey Hill (Welsh: Mynydd Cilfái) is a hill in South Wales, to the east of Swansea.
Kilvey Hill is 193 metres (633 ft) high and is classed as a Sub Marilyn. The top ...

Post Script Let The Struggle Continue'

24 Mis Medi Glyndŵr 2012

Further Information:

Stop Press: A message of support.

I support all these legal turbine protests, legal under the Right of Assembly and the Right to Free Speech of the European Convention on Human Rights. Similarly my supervisor Mansel Davies took part in many CND protests, (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) as did Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. These protests should escalate sharply and continuously so that government policy becomes anti turbine policy all over Europe. The aim should be demolition of all turbines so that the grid can be stabilized and conventional gas fired stations stabilized. All turbine subsidies to be discontinued as soon as possible and be paid back to Government by environment wreckers and illagal developers.  An all out effort should be made to develop low energy nuclear reactor devices. New gas and coal fire stations to be built with all despatch (with emergency speed). The present "green"energy policy is catastrophic adn will lead to unrest all over Europe as people start to freeze.  
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